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Promotion of Scouting & Guiding


Every citizen of India should be able to think clearly, take quick and proper decisions, be alert and develop an attitude to be of held to others. Under proper training and guidance right from childhood, these qualities can be nurtured in children to make them mature and responsible citizens in life. Scouting and Guiding - which is an international movement - intends to inculcate in the young boys and girls a sprit of loyalty, patriotism and thoughtfulness for others. In India, Scouting and Guiding is immensely popular among the school students.


The term "Scouts & Guides" being a general term, it shall include boys and girls covered under different nomenclature such as "the cubs and the bulbous"; "the scouts and the guides" and "the rovers and the rangers". Accordingly, the admissible age group of the beneficiaries will be from 6 to 35 years.

III. Pattern of Assistance

The Central grant will be admissible for :

(a) Conducting scouting and guiding camps;

(b) Conducting training programmes for the Scouts and Guides and for trainers of Scouting and Guiding with special emphasis on value education, national integration and preservation of cultural heritage;

(c) Conducting periodical meets of national level on the theme of Scouting and Guiding;

(d) Co-ordination of Scouting and Guiding activities;

(e) Development of Training Centres;

(f) Monitoring and evaluation of Scouting and Guiding activities in India and sharing of experiences of scouting and guiding with other countries;

(g) Travel grant for participation in important national/international seminars on scouting/guiding; and

(h) Research and publications on scouting/guiding.

2. The grant will be non-recurring in nature. The organisation applying for the grant should have the recognition of Government of India as a scouting and guiding organisation with adequate experience, resource and separate legal entity. Government of India grant shall be released only to the Central body of such an organisation - not to its branches, under this scheme. State branches can also seek funds from the state Governments, independent of this scheme. However, there shall be no bar in granting central assistance under other schemes of this Department to such branch offices. The Central body or the National Headquarters of the grantee organisation may share the funds released for conducting programmes with its branches.

3. “Under the scheme, financial assistance is provided on year to year basis for selected activities such as organization of training camps, skill development programmes, holding of jamborees and other activities like audit literacy, environment conservation, community service, health awareness and promotion of hygiene and sanitation.”

4. Grants will be released as per the approved action plan for the year. However, the organisation should clearly spell out the whole year’s programme by 30th November of the previous financial year, so that the total admissible grant can be sanctioned well in advance. Only 75% of the sanctioned grant will be released subject to settlement of previous year’s grant, as first instalment and the rest 25% will be released after receiving utilisation certificate.

5. The entire budget provision under this scheme, shall be spent on three separate heads: (i) Programme : comprising 85% of the plan budget; (ii) Development of Training Centres : comprising maximum 10% of the plan budget which shall be further allocated by the Ministry to the programme side if no viable proposal is received in a particular financial year, and (iii) Research, monitoring and evaluation, experiences-sharing and publication : comprising 5% of the plan budget, Items (a) to (d), (g) and (h) of para 1 above may be considered under the object head of Programme.

6. The following norms for expenditure of the grant shall be followed strictly by the grantee organisation.

(a) & (b) Scouting/Guiding/Training Camps :

(i) Board and Lodging : Maximum Rs. 70/- per day per head for participants only for scouting/guiding camps and training camps when organised in training centres or similar other centres run by the grantee organisation. The corresponding admissibility will be Rs. 80/ per day per head, if the camps are organised in other places.

(ii) Travelling Expenditure : Actual, subject to the condition that the journey has been performed in the cheapest mode of conveyance. In case of train journey, this will mean ordinary sleeper class with reservation.

(iii) Training Material : Maximum Rs. 120 per participants for distribution among the participants of the training programmes.

(iv) Scouting and guiding equipment : Maximum Rs. 100/- per participant in training and scouting/guiding camps per year.

(c) Conducting periodic meets

At least two quarterly meets can be funded from the annual grant with a maximum assistance of Rs. 2.00 lakh per meet. However, the total amount per annum should not exceed Rs. 8 lakhs.

(d) Coordination of Scouting/Guiding Activities

The grantee organisation may spend 10% of the annual grant sanctioned under the programme head for coordinating scouting/guiding activities with its affiliated branches all over India. However, total expenditure on this account shall not exceed Rs. 2.00 lakh.

(e) Development of Training Centres

Grantee organisation, if required, shall apply separately, enclosing plan, estimates and lay-out for renovation and construction of its training centre(s). On examination of the proposal, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports may get the proposal approved by the CPWD and place funds at the disposal of the CPWD for execution of the civil works.

(f) Monitoring, Evaluation and Sharing experiences

(i) The scheme of Promotion of Scouting and Guiding shall be evaluated once in every five years by an external independent agency. The recommended actions of the executive summary of the evaluation report shall be sent to the Bharat Scouts and Guides for special consideration and implementation subsequently. Any proposal for evaluation and/or monitoring of the scheme may be assisted financially by this Ministry on such terms and conditions and as per such pattern as may be decided on a case to case basis.

(ii)To share the experiences with other countries and also to attend periodical meets abroad, organised by the world body, a maximum of two visit can be funded by the Ministry. Air passage, boarding and lodging expenditure can be borne by the Government, if not met by the host State. Any such team will include scouts and guides of 10-21 years of age and one representative of Government of India/State Government.

(g) & (h) Travel Grant and Grant for Research and Publication

Proposals under these two items would be examined on case to case basis and grants may be decided accordingly. However, there shall be a ceiling of Rs. 2.00 lakh in each of the above two items.

(IV) Status of The Bharat Scouts and Guides

The National Head Quarters of The Bharat Scouts and Guides is recognised by the Government of India as the apex body in the field of scouting and guiding.

(V) Application Procedure

Organisation applying for the Central Grant may apply in the proforma enclosed as Annexure along with details of the documents mentioned there in. The application may be addressed to The Secretary, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.