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Scheme of Human Resources Development in Sports


1.1       Excellent performance in sports and games at national and international levels is a matter of pride for all nations of the world. Countries have been utilizing sizeable resources and providing best of facilities to develop and sustain sports talent at the highest level. The performance in sports and games is one major yardstick of the nation’s quality of human development.

1.2       Olympic and international competitions are an arena for showcasing the potential grit & strength of human beings. With new event, athletes are breaking the existing records and setting new bars at every unimaginable heights, again to be broken at the next event. For long, sports science, sports medicine, sports technology & sports techniques have been playing a very important role in the making of an elite athlete. Countries such as US, UK, China, Australia, Germany, and Japan etc. have taken leads in these areas and as a result, they are dominating the world of sports today. For becoming a leading sporting nation, India must invest its human resources development in sports sector. There is need to develop a large pool of specialists in sports science, sports medicine, sports technology, sports nutrition, sports physiotherapy, sports masseurs on one hand and develop high performance coaches, referees, psychologists etc. on the other.

1.3       The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS) is the nodal Ministry in the Government of India to take care of the development of sports and games in the country. The Ministry is operating various schemes to achieve broad-basing of sports and excellence in sports. In past, the ‘Scheme relating to Talent Search & Training’ was implemented. Since 2012, the ‘Scheme Human Resource Development in Sports’  is one such endeavour, providing financial assistance to Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS)/ Sports Authority of India (SAI)/ National Sports Federations (NSFs) officials, athletes, coaches, technical officials, etc. for upgradation of their skills & knowledge.  The Scheme extends financial assistance for training and short-term courses  for coaches technical and support staff; in addition, sports specialists are sponsored for attending seminars/conferences at international level; assistance has also been extended for holding /attending coaching camps/ seminars/ conferences/ workshops within the country by inviting foreign experts or sending them to foreign institutions.

1.4 The present scenario indicates the absence of adequate human resources in areas of sports sciences and sports medicine. These are vital areas requiring immediate attention, because the performance of an athlete depends significantly on the availability of right inputs from sports scientists and sports medicine specialists. It is considered necessary to identify and send eligible persons with the necessary qualifications and aptitude for advanced/specialized courses in these areas to Universities/Institutes of international repute with world class facilities so as to have such expertise in India. In addition, foreign expertise should also be procured for training of coaches, technical officials, physiotherapists, masseurs, nutritionist etc. in India.

1.5 Similarly, enough attention is not being given to research and publication in the field of sports and games. Adequate attention is required to be given to take up/encourage research work in sports-related matters which will have long term impact on excellence in sports and games in the country. It is a fact that sports research in India has not reached competitive level or lagging behind at par with other developed countries. There is a need that specific research projects must be identified by Ministry of Youth Affair & Sports (MYAS)/ Sports Authority of India (SAI)/ National Dope Test Laboratory(NDTL) /National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) / Lakshmibai National University of Physical Education / Indian Olympic Association (IOA) /National Sports Federations (NSFs) for commissioning special research by in-country experts or in collaboration with foreign experts. Another area, which needs attention, is publication of outstanding works in sports making significant contribution to the available literature in the sports sector. Popular publications or online modules should also be brought out /developed to spread awareness about sports including indigenous sports for general masses.

1.6 Therefore, the existing ‘Scheme Human Resource Development in Sports’  is being updated keeping in view the international sporting landscape. The updated  scheme will focus on the academic and intellectual side of sports development.  This is vitally important if we are to improve the standard of sports in the country.

 1.7 Under another existing scheme namely, ‘Scheme of Assistance to National Sports Federations’ (NSF Scheme), the National Sports Federations are being assisted for several purposes such as organizing tournaments inside the country, participation in international tournaments organized abroad, purchase of equipment, organizing coaching etc. With the enhanced allocation, the NSF scheme should take care of the requirements for customized training of top level and promising sportspersons. In addition, medal prospect/core probables for Olympics/Asian/Commonwealth Games/ World Championships are provided assistance under Target Olympic Podium (TOP) Scheme of National Sports Development Fund (NSDF). Therefore, the activities relating to training of budding sports-persons and participation in competitions will be covered under “Khelo India” scheme  for financial assistance/scholarship.

 1.8 Keeping in view the priorities and focus, the scheme is called  as ‘Scheme of Human Resources Development in Sports’

 2 Objectives:

The scheme aims at

 (i)   Awarding Fellowships for short term (upto 3 months) specialized studies and upto 2 years for Master’s level programme in specific disciplines relevant to sports and games;

 (ii)  Encouraging professionals in the field of sports to exchange ideas and enhance knowledge and skills through participation in Seminars, Clinics/training, Workshops and Conferences in India or abroad and provide financial support for such activities;

 (iii)  Inviting reputed/qualified Foreign experts such as high performance directors, coaches, technical officials, sports scientists, sports medicine experts, masseurs, physiotherapists, professors, scholars to India for lectures, coaching, consultancy, exchange, training, dialogue, advice etc.;

 (iv)  Providing assistance to Match Officials for appearing in qualifying examinations; also providing assistance to Match Officials, Coaches and other Support Personnel for training/courses which help them improve their professional competence in their relevant areas of specialization in India or abroad;

 (v)  Providing financial assistance for Research projects relevant to sports and games and commissioning of specialized research projects keeping in view Indian requirements;

 (vi)  Providing financial assistance for publication of works of high quality, directly relevant to sports and games; to publish/sponsor popular literature on sports for general public; and

 (vii)  To develop online learning resource for wider dissemination of knowledge & techniques of games in different languages among community coaches and general public.

 3 Fellowship Programme:

3.1       Courses:

  1. The Fellowship will be offered for advanced/specialized training of short term duration/modules/workshops etc. upto 3 months and upto 2 years for Master’s level programme  in India as well as abroad in various sports science disciplines having relevance to sports and games such as Biomechanics, Sports Nutrition, Kinesiology, Anthropometry, Exercise Physiology, Sports Psychology, General Theory & Method of Training (GTMT), Sports Medicine, Anti-doping, Sports Informatics, Sports Statistics and Sports Modelling, Sports Genetics, Sociology of Sports, Sports Management and Sports Law.

The competent authority will decide the relevance of a course to sports and games on a case-to-case basis.

  1. Department of Sports will also design/shortlist specialized training programmes/modules/workshops/conference, seminar etc. for its officials, coaches, athletes, technical staffs and university faculty. Nominations from State/UT Governments may also be invited for upto 40 percent of slots..

3.2      Selection process

All the applications for the Fellowship will be scrutinized in the Department of Sports and shortlisted based on the following process:

 (i) Candidates, who wish to avail of the Fellowship in any of the specified   disciplines, shall take admission in a reputed Institute. An illustrative list is given in Appendix A.

 (ii) Candidates shall submit their applications in the prescribed format along with all the required documents. Incomplete applications will also be rejected;

 (iii) Selected candidates will be required to submit all the documents in original to the Department of Sports for verification;

 (iv) The number of Fellowships will normally be determined by the department in the beginning of any given calendar year; however this may be increased or decreased as per requirement.

 (v) Normally, employees from Central/State/UT Government and Autonomous Bodies fully funded by Government will be considered for   Fellowship/ sponsorship up to 3 months duration under the Scheme.

(vi) Only permanent employees of autonomous bodies under Department of Sports such as SAI, LNIPE, NDTL, NADA, NSDF etc shall be considered for long term programme up to 2 years on DOPT pattern. The candidate must secure admission in a reputed institute/ university in India or abroad. Upto 4 employees can be granted fellowship in a calendar year.

 The following persons having sports background may be considered for short-term Fellowship provided they are otherwise eligible under the Scheme;

  1. i) National/International level athlete;
  2. ii) National/International level coach.

 (vii) Preference will be given to candidates who have received financial assistance in part from the Institution offering admission or any other institution/ body; and

(viii) Efforts will be made to select a suitable number of women candidates for Fellowship.

 3.3    Eligibility Criteria

The following shall be the eligibility criteria for selection of candidates for Fellowship:

Eligibility Criteria

Documents to be submitted

The candidate should:

Be an Indian national currently based in India (PIO/ OCI not eligible)

Copy of Passport or other identification such as a PAN card, Driving License, Aadhar Card etc.

Not be more than:

55 years of age


Birth Certificate or Secondary School Certificate indicating the date of birth

Possess an admission or offer letter from the Institutions for Fellowship with a break-up of the fee structure for the entire course

Copy of Institution’s admission letter along with relevant details

Obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from his or her employer in the event the candidate is employed at the time of application

NOC duly signed by an authorized signatory of the candidate's employing organization as per the prescribed format.

Execute a surety bond with the Department on a Rs 100 non-judicial stamp paper, to work on contractual basis, if offered, with the Sports Authority of  India or a designated organization/ Institute  for a period of three years

Bond signed by the candidate as per the prescribed format.


3.4       Financial Assistance

3.4.1   The employees of the Central Government, State Governments and autonomous bodies of Department of Sports would be assisted as per the   of DoP&T  rates.

3.5       Mandatory Information

3.5.1   Prior to application for Fellowship, candidates, if employed, should note that they will be solely responsible for getting relieved by their employers for undergoing the course.

3.5.2  After selection of the candidate under the Fellowship/sponsorship Programme:

  • The finally selected candidates shall join the Institution within stipulated time from the date of communication of selection. In case the candidate does not join within this specified period of time, the Fellowship will automatically get cancelled. No request for extension of time for availing of the Fellowship will be entertained under the scheme under normal circumstances;
  • Candidates shall not change the course of study or research for which Fellowship has been sanctioned;
  • Candidates have to complete the programme otherwise the sanctioned amount will be recovered from him/her;
  • Expenses (as defined in the section 3.4 on Financial Assistance) covered by the Fellowship would be strictly limited to the candidate;
  • In the event the candidate has received any financial assistance from the Institution offering admission or any other institution/body for a part amount, the financial assistance offered to the candidate by the Department will be reduced by such amount;
  • If a candidate has furnished any false information/document, he/she shall be debarred from the Fellowship and if he/she has availed of it or is availing it, action will be initiated for recovery of the amount spent with 10% compound interest thereon. Such candidate will also be black-listed for future and the employed candidate will also have to face departmental action for such act, for which the Department of Sports will take up the matter with the respective employers;
  • In an emergency, the candidate is permitted to return to India for a specific purpose in connection with the emergency, after having duly informed the Department as well as the Institution of study. The candidate will, however, be required to bear the to and fro journey expenses for the visit and shall also not be entitled to receive maintenance allowance under the scheme for the period of being away from the place of his/her Institution;
  • Any decisions on issues concerning candidates as may arise from unforeseen circumstances will be made by the designated Committee.
  1. Exchange of knowledge/research/ideas

 Participation in Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/Clinics/training in India or abroad and Support to such activities for holding Seminars/ Workshops/ Conferences in the Country or calling foreign experts/coaches/scholars to India

 4.1 For attending seminars/workshops/conferences of repute India or abroad:

 Professionals in the field of sports may be encouraged to exchange ideas and enhance knowledge and skills through participation in Seminars, Workshops and Conferences in India or abroad. They may be assisted for attending such programmes of repute provided they are specifically invited for chairing the function or delivering the key-note address or presenting a research paper which has been specifically accepted for discussion in the event. The paper should either be of practical importance or outstanding academic value in the field of sports science, mentioned in section 3.1.

 Normally, permanent employees of Central/ State/UT Governments and Autonomous Bodies under  Government would be considered for Participation in Seminars/Workshops/Conferences abroad.

 Proposals of permanent faculty working in Government funded and University Grant Commission (UGC) regulated universities may be considered for grants meeting the expenses for air travel for participation abroad only.

 4.1.1  Assistance for permanent employees of the Central/State/UT Governments and autonomous bodies under Governments may be considered for the following:

 (i) Economy class Air fare by the shortest route from the place of residence to the venue, both ways, along with airport tax, local transport and other incidentals, which are of mandatory nature.

 (ii) For journey inside the county, train fare by AC 2nd Class Sleeper, both ways, and local transport will be considered.  In case the distance is more than 500 kilometres, air travel by economy class by the shortest route will be allowed.

 4.1.2  Assistance will be decided after taking into account the support being provided by the organizer, which shall be adjusted while deciding the admissible amount.

 4.1.3  Persons assisted under the scheme shall have to submit a self-contained report in triplicate on the deliberations in the seminar/workshop/conference along with specific suggestions for promotion of sports in India on the relevant subject, within 15 days of the completion of the event. Persons, who have failed to submit report within the scheduled time, will not be considered for assistance for future.

 4.1.4  Persons once assisted under   this component will be considered for assistance afresh only after two years.

 4.2    For holding Training Programmes, Seminars, Workshops/Clinics and Conferences within the country:

 Assistance will be provided for holding Training Programmes, Seminars, Workshops/Clinics and Conferences in the country facilitating exchange of ideas and enhancement of knowledge/skills in achieving excellence in sports on a realistic basis. The assistance to Department of Sports, SAI, NSDF, NDTL, NADA, LNIPE etc., may be as per the approval of Designated Committee. However, assistance to State/UT/ University/ Institute may be decided on case to case basis. Normally a grant  of Rs.2 lakh may be given with an upper limit of Rs. 10 lakh for large and international event of repute.

 4.2.1  The assistance will be given to foreign coaches/experts for participating in such events as under:

  • Economy class air-fare from place of residence to the venue of the function, both ways.


  • Boarding charges and DA will be given on a realistic basis.


  • Fees to be paid to the expert(s) holding the Seminar/ Workshop/ Conference on a realistic basis.

 4.2.2  Assistance for holding such events may also be given on a realistic basis; facility available with the Sports Authority of India may be availed for the purpose to the extent possible.

 4.2.3  Scale of assistance for those, other than foreign coaches/experts, will be guided by the guidelines/instructions of the Ministry of Finance.

 4.3    Assistance will also be provided to Sports Authority of India, National Dope testing Laboratory, National Anti Doping Agency, National Sports University, Lakshmibai National University of Physical Education  and National Sports Federation etc. for holding national/international Seminars, Workshops, Training Programmes and Conferences in the country with the aim of facilitating exchange of ideas and enhancement of knowledge/skills of Indian coaches, referees and other technical officials in achieving excellence in sports. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports can also conduct/ commission such events and reputed/qualified foreign experts can be invited to such event/activities.

 The amount of money for conducting such programs would be on the following items:


4.3.1  Travel, boarding/local transport etc. of experts/trainers to the place where program is being organized, Fees/ remuneration to experts/trainers as per rates stated in para 4.2.1 and 4.2.3 of the scheme.

4.3.2  Cost of logistics for organization of the event and local transport as per para 4.2.2 of the scheme.

 4.3.3  Boarding and lodging of trainees who are employees of Central govt./State Govt./UT Govt. and bodies fully funded by them.

  1. Assistance to Match Officials, Coaches and Supporting Personnel:

 5.1.1  Match officials (Judge, Umpire, Referee, Arbitrator etc.) will be assisted for appearing in qualifying examinations organized by international bodies or national sports federations/ IOA;

 5.1.2   Match officials, Coaches and supporting personnel (physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists, masseurs etc.) will be assisted for undergoing specialized training in the relevant disciplines/areas.

 5.1.3    MYAS can also design specialized training programme for such officials.

 5.2       Eligibility Criteria:

  • The Match Official must have been officiating in official tournaments and the coaches must have been coaching sportspersons at the State level for at least 2 years.;
  • Assistance to supporting personnel will be decided based on the relevance of the project to promising sportspersons; and
  • For specialized training, Match Officials (Judge, Umpire, Referee, Arbitrator etc.) should have participated/officiated in Olympics/Commonwealth/Asian Games/World Championship and have 'A' grade certificate issued by the recognized international body.

5.3     The applicant will not be more than 55 years of age except that there   will be no age bar on assistance to the Match officials for appearing in qualifying examinations.

5.4     For undergoing specialized training abroad, the applicant should have confirmed admission from a reputed institution.

5.5     Assistance will be provided to Match Officials, Coaches and Support Personnel for undergoing specialized training abroad the equivalent of which is not available inside the country. The assistance will be provided to an individual for a period not exceeding one year.

5.6   Financial assistance:

  • Economy class Air fare by the shortest route from the point of embarkation in India to the point of disembarkation in the foreign country, both ways, along with airport tax, local transport and other incidentals. For the journey inside the country, train fare by AC 2nd Class, both ways, and local transport will be considered. In case the distance is more than 500 kilometres, air travel by economy class by the shortest route will be allowed.
  • Maintenance allowance up to a maximum of US $ 1000 per month payable in local currency.
  • Actual cost of books, essential apparatus, study tours (coach class fare) and other items specifically recommended by the course in-charge, subject to a maximum of US $ 350 per annum.
  • Tuition fee, examination fee, medical and health insurance charges, which are of mandatory nature, as per actual.

5.7      Coaches and support personnel (other than Match Officials) assisted under the scheme will be required to executive a bond for serving the Government for a minimum period of three years on completion of the training, failing which they will have to refund the amount, along with interest, provided to them under the scheme.

5.8      Assistance as admissible will be sanctioned as grant and released in two or more installments.

5.9      Number of persons

Assistance will be provided based on requirement, merit and availability of funds.

5.10   Submission of applications:

Applications will be invited every year.  Eligible candidates shall submit their applications in the prescribed format along with a resume clearly indicating the benefits likely to accrue from the proposed visit/training abroad.

6        Research

6.1      Scope

It is intended to provide financial grant for Research projects in sports-related disciplines. Government Institutes and UGC recognized Universities engaged in sports-related activities will be encouraged to undertake specific topics on sports-related issues. Individual applications from subject specialists and research scholars, who are already working in such fields, will also be considered for R & D studies. To pursue research under bilateral and multilateral MOUs signed by MYAS and its autonomous bodies. The topics of research should have direct bearing on the problems specific to sports- related issues or it should be relevant for the overall improvement of sports and games. Such studies should lead to innovative solutions to the problems in the field of sports in India. The topics may cover (but not limited to) subjects like Sports Psychology, Sports Medicine, Injury-related matters, Improvement in performance, Identification of potential target groups in different disciplines, Specific sociological studies related to sports and sportspersons etc. The proposed projects/studies should not be repetition of earlier studies.

The Department of Sports will take up specific research requirements of Indian sports; and commission research studies by reputed Indian institutes, scholars or foreign scholars or joint projects undertaken by Indian and foreign universities in collaboration or research done by foreign institutes.

6.1.1 The following methods will be used to promote research in sports sector:

  1. Reputed India/ foreign scholars/ institutes will be invited to work either on a special research need identified by an expert committee or under some bilateral or multilateral MOU on nomination basis;
  2. Department of Sports may invite expression of interest for undertaking some research;
  3. Individual scholar/ institute/ university may send a research proposal which shall be considered by Designated Committee.
  4. Department of Sports will also consider research proposal of public interest under Swiss challenge method.

6.2      Nature of Support and Duration of Grant

The duration of grant for research will be two years. The grant will be provide as per UGC norms with Rs. 10 lakh being upper limit Maximum assistance can be upto Rs 50.00 lacs for the entire project in certain mega projects.

6.3      Procedure for   approval of individual scholar/institute proposal:

(i) Applications should be routed through the head of the institution from where the applicant will carry out the research.

(ii)  All Applications along with a copy of the CV must be submitted in triplicate by the specified deadline to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

(iii)  Candidates will give a brief description of the research topic

(iv) Candidates may also include a brief about any past publications/researches carried out in areas similar to the proposed research.

(v) Applicants are required to attach a detailed break-up of financial support required for various components including salary support for scholars, equipment, travel cost, cost for organizing conferences and any other overheads.

(vi)Selection would be made on the basis of merit by assessing the applications with respect to (a) Academic performance of the candidate (b) Topic of Research and (c) Expected outcome of the Research and its contribution to sports.

(vii)The final selection will be made by the designated Committee.

(viii)The selected candidates will be intimated by the Ministry.

(ix) In case of MYAS commissioning/sponsoring a particular research project, the method & terms will be mutually decided by MYAS and the concerned organization.

6.4       Eligibility Criteria

Qualification criteria

Documents required


The candidate should:

Be an Indian national currently based in India (PIO/ OCI not eligible)


Copy of passport or other identification such as a PAN card, Driving License, Aadhar Card etc.

Not more than 58 years of age

Copy of Birth Certificate or Secondary School Certificate indicating Date of Birth

Must have Ph.D/Masters in specific sports-related subjects

Copy of Ph.D/ Masters degree certificate

Either hold a permanent position or have suitable arrangement with the Institute

Declaration signed by the Institute


Research proposal/project must be approved by the University/ Institute concerned

Approval of the Institute

Past publications in related area( if any)

Copy of the synopsis of past publications/ research


The Designated Committee may however give relaxation in the eligibility criteria on the merit of the case

6.5       Other Information:

  • Candidates will not normally be considered if they have already received a grant for research on the same/similar subject. However, in case the application is for a supplementary grant in addition to the original grant, a no objection certificate from the original grant giving organization must be provided.
  • The institution from which the candidate is applying must be recognized by/ affiliated to UGC or other Statutory Bodies overseeing the functions of such Institutions.
  • The amount will be used by the candidate for pursuance of research only and he/ she will be required to provide information to the Ministry regarding the manner in which the funds were utilized, duly signed by the Head of the Institute/college.
  • Candidates shall not change the field of research once the grant has been sanctioned.
  • The preparation and submission of thesis will be the responsibility of the candidate/ Institute; three copies of the publication shall be made available to the Ministry.
  • The Department of Sports, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports shall be assigned a Copyright to the research publication for future use by the Department.
  • The title page of the Research Paper/Final Project Report should bear the following entry: Research conducted with financial assistance from the Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Department of Sports vide sanction letter no. _____________

6.6       Release of Grant

The sanctioned grant will be released to the Institute/University in two or more installments.

6.7       Final Report

The candidate is required to submit three hard copies and one soft copy of the Final Project Report to the Ministry on completion of the project along with an executive summary. All the projects will be reviewed periodically. And after the submission of the final report, the expert committee be constituted by the Designated Committee, will review the findings.

7          Publication of Outstanding Works on Sports related Subject, creation of popular literature related to sports and development of online learning resource in different Indian languages

7.1       Objective:

The purpose is to provide assistance for Publications/ e-Publications of Outstanding Works/ journals/ e-Journals/ web-based applications (apps) having significance for sports and games. Assistance will also be provided for  proliferation  and dissemination of  the latest  as well popular information on games & sports or to upload online sports content or to undertake specific projects for development of online content  by MYAS/SAI/LNIPE etc. or to develop web-based apps for promotion of exchange of ideas among all stakeholders in sports sector. It is proposed to provide assistance to publishing houses/ web companies and reputed authors/ content developers to offset the costs of publishing/ developing material that will make a significant contribution to the sports sector.

7.2 Procedure:

  1. This grant would be available to the publishing houses which are members of “Association of Publishers in India” or “The Federation of Indian Publishers” or “Federation of Educational Publishers in India” and reputed organizations/authors who wish to publish outstanding works on sports matters
  2. The publication must be in the area of Sports
  • Following type of publications may be covered under this grant:

(a)Technical papers on sports, (b) Doctoral dissertations, (c) Research reports/journals, (d) Abstracts of international conferences, (e) Biographies of sportspersons, (f) Other sports-related books, (g) Literature in regional language on Sports.

iv Each applicant must provide complete information as mentioned in the selection process, failing which the application is liable to be rejected

v  Each applicant’s case for publication must be agreed upon by the author if the application is from the publisher.

7.3       Nature of Support:

The grant will cover upto 50% of the publication costs subject to a maximum of Rs 5.00 lacs per publication. For Journals, it can be maximum Rs 5.00 lacs per journal for a period not exceeding three years. There shall be no such limit on the Department of Sports sponsored publications/ e-Publications/ hosting etc..

7.4       Procedure for Selection:

i  Applications by individuals/publications must be submitted in the prescribed format.

ii  All Applications are to be submitted in triplicate along with the manuscript by the   specified deadline to the Department of Sports.

iii  Applicants must provide:

  • All information as per the application form.
  • A breakup of the publishing costs.
  • A copy of the agreement/contract with the author of the publication where applicable
  • Declaration that the publication does not violate any Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and has not been published before

iv The final selection will be made by the designated Committee.

v  The selected applicants will be intimated by the Department.

  1. In addition, proposals for publications by publishers, web- based companies, online content developers, content hosting agencies, app developers etc. will be considered as per Rule 6.1.1.

7.5       Other Information

Repetitive publication would not be considered; assistance would be available only once for the first publication.

7.6       Release of Grant

  1. The sanctioned grant will be released to the Publisher/ developer, upon application, in two or more installments
  1. The amount will be used for publishing-related costs only and the Publisher will be required to provide information to the Ministry regarding the manner in which the funds were utilized as per Utilization Certificate (UC) in the prescribed format.
  • The Department reserves the right to block release of further installments if the applicant has not provided the UC for the previous installments/the fund utilization has not been accurate or for not implementing the terms of the scheme. In such instances, the Ministry shall recover the already released amount from the applicant.
  1. The work should be published within one year from the date of award of the grant; the offer for the grant-in-aid will automatically lapse after one year unless the period is extended upon consideration of a specific request from the author or the publisher.
  2. The title page of the publication should bear the following entry: - 'Published with financial assistance from the Department of Sports, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India vide sanction letter no. _____________dated_____________.
  3. The selected Journals should continue to maintain the standard of contents/ focus. The Journals should acknowledge the grant with similar entry in each edition as given in (v) above.
  1. Selection/Approval:

The applications seeking assistance above Rs.3 lakh under the Scheme will be considered by a Committee with Secretary (Sports) as Chairperson, Director General- Sports Authority of India, Joint Secretary (Sports), Financial Advisor – Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Vice Chancellor-LNIPE.  Experts and others may be invited to the meetings of the Committee.

Applications seeking assistance of Rs.3 lakh or less will be considered by a Committee under the Chairmanship of Joint Secretary (Sports), Director (Sports) and representative of Financial Advisor. Internal guidelines may be framed with the approval of Secretary (Sports) for implementation of the Scheme.

  1. Upto 2% of the budget allocated for the Scheme may be earmarked for administrative purposes including issue of advertisements, hiring of consultants etc.
  1. The Scheme was implemented in the Pilot mode during the 12th Plan period and will continue to be implemented in current 5 year plan.
  1. The rate and quantum of the funds for different components and the sub components of scheme may be periodically revised by the Designated Committee as and required subject to overall allocation under scheme.
  1. The Designated Committee may frame rules for implementation of the scheme.

    13.  Save as otherwise  provided, no provisions of the scheme can be relaxed except with the approval of the Minister in-charge, Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, provided the basic nature and scope of the relevant provisions of the scheme are not altered. If any relaxation involves financial implications, IFD of the Department is also to be consulted.


In case any clarification is required on any matter relating to implementation of the scheme, the same will be referred to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, whose decision in the matter shall be final.